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{KLG & Hoda’s Fan of the Week}

I am so excited

Today Nana and I were named KLG & Hoda’s Fan of the Week!

You can view the video from the show


Steve was kind enough to take photos for us. Here are a few that I sent in:





We are SO EXCITED to be getting a vacation to Florida! It’s close to where I grew up, so I am happy to hopefully meet up with friends I haven’t seen in a while. I was just telling Steve the other day that I haven’t really taken a vacation since I started my youth ministry job 2 years ago. And Nana is beyond excited. She kept saying,

“That’s me on TV! Have you seen this before??” 

When they called us she kept saying how excited she was into the phone. And then as soon as we hung up {thank God} she announced she had to use the bathroom. I’m thankful that moment stayed off of national television. I promise we will take lots of fun pictures of us laying by the pool, making everyone jealous. I am just so thankful to be able to take Nana on a trip that she most definitely deserves! I look forward to our much-needed, fun-in-the-sun Girl Time.

I cannot think of a more perfect day to be thankful for a blessing like this trip. In addition to thanking Kathie Lee, Hoda, and the Today Show family, I want to thank all of the selfless men and women who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom, without which things like this might not be possible. I am so thankful for each and every individual who has allowed us to live in a place where we are truly free, where we can enjoy many comforts (and luxuries!), and where we are immeasurably blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over!


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