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{Couch Potato Running}

I am not a runner.

That is something I would like to clarify upfront. I am so much of a not-runner that my idea of running is going from my room to the fridge. Can I get an amen?

All the other non-runners are like, “Yeah, girl!” All the exercise freaks are like, “Bless your heart”, which is code for: you should probably start exercising.

HOWEVER, while reading a fellow friend’s blog one day, I became inspired to try something she was writing about called Couch to 5k. I would’ve been way more pumped if it was called Couch to Couch, but I digress.
You can see Amanda’s inspirational post on her super great blog, As We Spin Around the Sun.

After reading her post I downloaded the free app, and I was so pumped to run that I wanted to start right away. It was like, one in the morning though, so I settled for starting the next day. If you aren’t familiar with the program, it’s basically interval training you into submission until your sorry butt can run 3 miles at a time. You’re welcome.

I began with all the enthusiasm of a person who has no idea what lies ahead.

All my super runners are like, “It’s 3 miles, I do that junk in my sleep.”

I bought running gear like it was my job, I talked Steve’s ear off about how I would be the next running phenom, and I ran the first few weeks with ease and excitement.

My fave running shirt

My fave running shirt

Then shoot got real.

You know that part about actually training for distance running? I totally forgot I’d be doing that.

One day I was all self righteous and snooty like, “Oh this is fun I LOVE running why doesn’t everyone do this? It’s so easy;” and the next I was panting on the sidewalk cursing everyone in their air conditioned luxury car.

I call this: The Sweaty Selfie

I call this: The Sweaty Selfie

Side Note: have you ever been so psyched about a running shirt, and you put it on and your feeling good, and then you start running and it keeps RIDING UP?! So then you’re running, and you’re pulling your shirt down so no one gets a free show, and then your headphones are falling out so it’s like, you hear every other word of your song. Which is really not drastically different from most rap songs. But, honestly. Also, my iPod is like, 30% Rap, 30% Jesus music, 15% Folk music, and a 25% mix of Latino, Musicals, and Top 40. Try to run to that mess. Just try.

The creeper in the background is my sister. It was a cold day to run.

The creeper in the background is my sister. It was a cold day to run.

Anyway. I became discouraged midway through the program, and so I stopped. I just stopped doing it. In the beginning I was so psyched; running every other day, and immediately posting my completed run to social media so that people would be in awe of my physical fitness {First World Problem} . But then I gave up on myself. I lost sight of my goal to be finished by now, and to be running 3 miles like a pro before my first 5k in July.

{I’m doing The Color Run in Philly!}

I decided to write this today, because I wanted to give encouragement to others who may have stopped midway as well. And because I am going to start again. Our lives are a series of falling down, and getting back up. Making mistakes, and then learning, and trying again. I don’t feel defeated because I’m not; I’m just starting over. It might sound a little melodramatic for a 5k, but it’s just like any other goal you set your sights on.
I really did enjoy the way that I felt when I completed a workout, and I felt like I was actually accomplishing something athletic for the first time in my life.

If you’ve never tried running, I encourage you to check out the C25K (insider’s slang) program and consider starting with me tomorrow. It’s free! If you’ve gotten away from it like I have, you can think about starting up again. If you have no desire to run, that’s cool too. Just find something that you enjoy doing that makes you feel good about yourself, and try to jump into it. Also, having an exercise buddy always helps. My favorite is my dear friend Catie Humphreys, even though we are in different cities. My least favorite are my sisters:

Making your sisters run on a Saturday am goes something like this

Making your sisters run on a Saturday am goes something like this

For all of you seasoned athletes, 5k completers, and marathon runners (One of my BFFs Lisa just finished one, and she is awesome): I look up to you for inspiration, and I am so proud of you! My favorite part about enjoying a run though, is getting to see the beauty in all of the things around me. I don’t make enough time for that. Here is a photo I took while running on the beach one afternoon:





2 thoughts on “{Couch Potato Running}

  1. BTW i was having the annoying headphone problem too. Now I just stick my iPhone in between my 2 sports bras with the volume up and listen to it aloud while I run. Which is good, because A) I can still hear the world around me -birds chirping, dogs barking, bicyclist yelling at me to get over, car horns honking as I’m about to get hit, mugger trying to sneak attack me. and B) everyone else can hear me coming, and let’s be honest…I have REALLY good taste in music.

  2. That is a great idea about the headphones! HAHAHAHAH to the mugger (except, that would NOT be funny). And I am sure you have great taste in music!! 🙂 Miss you, girl!


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