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Secondhand Saturdays w/ Chels: Kitchen Spruce for $20

I have been searching for a chair-esque, quasi-bench piece of furniture for months. Type chair bench into a Google search and many, many options flood your visual cortex. Google takes one quite literal these days. If chair : one, then bench : ten. There is no in-between. Booth is even worse. You will wind up in a never ending next (page 100/10,000) clicking bonanza of, “I have to work the booth at the expo this weekend” booths or restaurant booths. Please Google image search backless chair. I hope could make you laugh today.

I wanted to create a comfy nook in my kitchen. This piece of furniture will be in the corner of two intersecting walls. I thought it the perfect opportunity to use pillows for the back and side, utilizing the walls for support.

I kindly asked the thrift store manager, “Do you have any specials on furniture today?” He surprised me by answering a question with a question, “What are you looking at?” With my poker face on (not wanting to reveal the fact that I was going to buy this magical bench/chair anyway) I said, “Yes, this right over here.” Sticker price: $28


He looked  at the sticker, looked at me, glanced back at it, and stated, “I could do $20.”

Sold. I was already sold, but okay, sold again. He just saved me $8 so that I could go enjoy one of these….

20130505-231219.jpg with him 20130505-232021.jpg

My kitchen is a 50’s-style charmer, mostly white with  a few cute blue & yellow tiles as a back-splash. I wanted the wicker to blend in to the walls, as my intention is to acquire a couple of very inviting, eye-catching pillows to be the focal point, not necessarily the chair/bench/seat. We had some extra white enamel paint and splashed a quick coat over the wicker. Now it looks like this:


We may sand and stain the legs as they are a bit darker that I would have liked, but for now it is a work in progress. Will share final photos soon!


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